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You´ll receive a digital certificate (free) via email at the end of your course. Each certificate is signed, displays the ITEFLAC logo and has a unique reference number for verification purposes. You may also order a hard copy of your 120-hour certificate or 180-hr course (with original signatures and embossed seal) for an additional fee (€29). This will be sent via registered mail.
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Additional 5 Certificates

Now that you have graduated, why not gain that competitive edge in the job market by ordering 5 separate Specialist Certificates (*in digital format only) for the specialized modules covered during your course: Teaching English to Young Learners, Teaching Business English, Teaching English One-to-One, Advanced Grammar, Teaching English Online. By submitting an extra 5 Specialist Certificates with your job application, you will be signifying your competence in a number of specialized TEFL areas – thus elevating your application status and suitability.
Online TEFL Certificate - TEFL Solutions



Your certificate can be authenticated or apostilled. We highly recommend using Vital Consular (UK) to provide this service for you. Click here to get a quote. Vital Consular is used by all our students as they are leaders in offering this service and have a special relationship with the FCDO. As a graduate of ours, you´ll also receive our special corporate rate! 

The Process 

Step 1: Request an online quote and additional information from Vital Consular regarding the apostille or authentication of your TEFL certificate. You will pay Vital Consular directly for this service. 

Step 2: Order your hard copy of your certificate from us, as only a hard copy with original signatures will be accepted. When you place your order for the certificate hard copy, use the address of Vital Consular as your shipping address. We will then send your certificate via registered mail directly to Vital Consular to be authenticated or apostilled. 

Step 3: Vital Consular will then send your certificate to a Notary Public to be notarized. 

Step 4: Thereafter, the notarized certificate goes to the Foreign and Commonwealth Development Office (FCDO) to have an apostille stamp attached. 

Step 5: If you need your certificate to be authenticated, then your certificate will be sent to the relevant embassy to be legalized. 

Step 6: Vital Consular will send your certificate to you.

*Our courses have been verified to ensure acceptance for legalisation by the FCDO (Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office). You can have confidence that you won’t face difficulties applying for a job overseas by studying any of our courses. Click here for confirmation.

Order a hard copy

Get your hard copy certificate today. You never know when you´ll need it - so don´t delay and get ahead of the curve.