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At TEFL Solutions, we have our very own dedicated online English teaching job site. Here you will find hundreds of jobs advertised by schools, employers and agents from around the world. You can apply for jobs directly. Not only this, but you can also upload your resume to our repository where you´ll get the attention from job seekers that you´re looking for. Furthermore, you can set job alerts for jobs in the countries that you´re interested in and you´ll be notified by email. Also, visit our Facebook job group where you´ll find hundreds of vacancies advertised every week.



  • Hundreds of jobs from around the world - updated regularly

  • Upload your resume to our repository and get noticed by employers

  • Sign-up for job alerts and get notified when new jobs are posted


Helping you find that perfect job


Factors to consider...

  • Nationality

    You´ll find that your nationality (passport) will influence your job opportunities as well as the issuance of work visas and permits. Many employers will only hire native English speakers from the US, UK, Ireland, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. There are of course exceptions and there are countries that´ll provide the relevant work visa or permit to non-native English speakers.

  • Qualifications

    In many cases, you´ll find that employers will want you to have a Bachelor´s degree and a TEFL certificate. Again, there are exceptions and you´ll find teachers working abroad without a degree.

  • Visa Stipulations

    Employers are often restricted in their hiring practices by immigration laws and requirements. Some countries will only issue legal work visas and permits to native English speakers from the US, UK, Ireland, Canada, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa - so keep this in mind!

  • Other Considerations

    Some employers will need you to have a health or criminal check or both. Additionally, some employers may require previous teaching experience or for you to be in a particular age bracket.

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There are literally hundreds of English teaching jobs just waiting for you!