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The overriding aim of our 120-hour TEFL course is to introduce you to both the theoretical and practical elements of teaching English as a foreign language. Not only does this course equip you with new insights into language teaching, but it also provides you with a deeper understanding of the principles and practice of English language teaching to young learners and adults. Furthermore, this extensive and interactive course will prepare you for the challenges that face you as a newly qualified English language teacher - either teaching online or in the classroom. 


TEFL Course Training

  • 1


    • Welcome

    • Course Aims & Objectives

    • Course Assessment & Certification

    • Sample TEFL Certificate (digital)

    • TEFL Solutions: Accreditation Certificate

  • 2

    Teaching Methodology

    • TEFL Methodology

    • TEFL Methodology: Quiz

  • 3

    Lesson Planning

    • Lesson Planning

    • Lesson Planning: Quiz

    • Lesson Observation: Lesson Plan

    • Lesson Observation: Videos

  • 4

    Classroom Management & Techniques

    • Classroom Management & Techniques

    • Classroom Management & Techniques: Quiz

  • 5

    Teaching Materials & Resources

    • Teaching Materials & Resources

    • 100+ Activities Made Easy

  • 6

    The Language Systems

    • The Language Systems

    • Teaching Phonetics & Phonology

    • Teaching Vocabulary/Lexis

    • Teaching Grammar/Syntax

    • Grammar Reference Book

    • Grammar Reference & Exercises

    • The Language Systems: Quiz

  • 7

    The Language Skills

    • Language Skills

    • Teaching Reading

    • Teaching Listening

    • Teaching Writing

    • Teaching Speaking

    • The Language Skills: Quiz

  • 8

    Assessment & Testing

    • Assessment & Testing

    • Overview of Assessment

    • Formative and Summative Assessment

    • Formal Testing

    • Progress Testing

    • Oral Testing

    • Proficiency Testing

    • Placement Testing

    • IELTS

    • TOEFL

    • Academic English

    • Assessment Activities

    • Marking Schemes & Report Writing

    • Assessment & Testing Quiz

    • Cambridge - Test your English

    • Oxford Placement Test

    • Young Learners Sample Tests

  • 9

    Teaching English to Young Learners

    • Teaching English to Young Learners

    • Considerations when teaching children

    • Teaching phonics to young learners

    • Teaching language units to young learners

    • Teaching the skills to young learners

    • Discipline in the classroom

    • No learning without fun, no fun without learning

    • Selecting Appropriate Classroom Materials

    • Sample PowerPoint Lesson Plan (Vocab)

    • Sample Lesson Plan (Present Contin.)

    • Sample PowerPoint Lesson Plan (Game)

    • Video Overview & Revision

    • Quiz

    • Self-directed Task

    • Self-directed Task Key

    • Lesson Plans for Young Learners

    • 300 Five-minute Activities

    • Writing Worksheets 1

    • Writing Worksheets 2

    • Free Resources for Teachers

  • 10

    Video Overview & Review

    • Video Overview & Revision 1

    • Video Overview & Review 1: Answers

    • Video Overview & Revision 2

  • 11

    Teaching Business English

    • Teaching Business English

    • English for Specific Purposes

    • Some Business English FAQs

    • Student needs and motivations

    • Common Problems

    • Techniques for teaching Business English

    • Cross-cultural communication

    • Business Lesson Planning

    • Resources

    • English for Specific Purposes

    • In Company Speaking Placement Test

    • Role play Activity Sample

    • Business English Lessons

    • Teaching Business English: Quiz

    • Self-directed Task

    • Self-directed Task Key

  • 12

    Teaching English One-to-One

    • Teaching English One-to-One

    • Adapting lessons to individual needs

    • Dealing with potential problems

    • Lesson activities

    • Ten top tips

    • Resources

    • 95 Worksheets for your lessons

    • 30 Activities for One-to-One Lessons

    • Teaching English One-to-One: Quiz

    • Self-directed Task

    • Self-directed Task Key

  • 13

    Teaching English Online

    • An Overview of Teaching English Online

    • TPR in Online Teaching

    • Virtual Learning Platforms

    • Getting Started with Skype

    • Getting Started with Zoom

    • Zoom Accessibility

    • Getting Started with Meet (Hangouts)

    • Online Tools

    • Lesson Planning

    • Sample Lesson Plan

    • Learner Inclusion

    • Classroom Set-up

    • Discipline & Issues

    • Assessing learners online

    • The Demo Lesson

    • Work Opportunities

    • List: Online Teaching Companies

    • How To Get Online Students

    • Teaching English Online: Quiz

    • YouTube Playlist

  • 14

    Advanced Grammar

    • The Nuts & Bolts of English

    • Quiz 1

    • English Tense Forms

    • Quiz 2

    • English Tense Functions

    • Quiz 3

    • Vocabulary & Phonology

    • Quiz 4

    • Grammar Reference Book & Exercises

    • Verb Tense Sheet

    • Big Grammar Book

  • 15

    Employment & Professional Development

    • Employment

    • Finding a job

    • Resume & Cover Letter

    • Self-directed Task

    • Country Profiles

    • Professional Development

    • Employment & Professional Development: Quiz

  • 16

    Free Downloads

    • English to the World Series

    • Survey

    • Final Word


We include specialist modules...

  • Teaching English to Young Learners

    This specialized module will be a great addition to your resume and will give you the edge over your competitors in the job market. This module will prepare you for both the challenges and the rewards of teaching young learners specifically between the ages of six and twelve years old.

  • Teaching Business English

    This specialized module will help you get an insight into the needs of students looking to improve their English skills for business purposes. This lucrative market has been steadily growing for years and offers well trained TEFL tutors the chance to earn excellent wages.

  • Teaching English One-to-One

    When you begin your teaching career abroad, you’ll soon find that there are plenty of opportunities to provide private lessons in order to supplement your earnings. It is therefore important to learn what to do with your first one-to-one student. This specialized module will prepare you for this.

  • Advanced Grammar

    The Advanced Grammar module will introduce you to the various grammatical structures of the English language. Although this is a relatively in-depth look at the grammatical structures that you´ll need to know, it is by no means exhaustive. With this in mind, you´ll be well-equipped with the basics to give you confidence.

  • Teaching English Online

    Teaching English online is a fast-growing trend and has taken the industry by storm. This specialized module will introduce you to the life and expectations of an online English teacher. This module covers the advantages and challenges of online teaching as well as how to get set-up as an online teacher.

  • Assessment & Testing

    In this specialised module, you´ll be exposed to the various commercial testing systems that are widely used and implemented. These include both written and oral methods of English proficiency assessment. You´ll be introduced to the various types of assessment and testing that may be utilized in the classroom environment.


  • Accredited

    The 120-hour online TEFL course is fully accredited by the International TEFL Accreditation Council (ITEFLAC). This course is internationally recognised and globally recognised by schools and employers alike. TEFL certificates awarded by TEFL Solutions can be apostilled and authenticated.

  • Quiz Based

    Assessment comprises of short quizzes which must be completed at the end of each module. There are no lengthy assignments or a final exam. You may work through the quizzes at your own pace. The pass mark for each quiz is 75% and you may re-take a quiz as many times as needed.

  • Certification

    Once you have completed all the materials and quizzes, you´ll receive a digital certificate via email. This certificate will be dated, signed, display the ITEFLAC accreditation logo an have a unique reference number for verification purposes. A hard copy may also be ordered.


We make TEFL training more accessible

  • Access to good and reliable internet access.

  • You do not need a degree, although some employers may require this.

  • A good command of the English language.

  • You have 180 days to complete your course.




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