Recognition of Teaching Experience

As most online TEFL courses do not offer a practical teaching component, this course has been developed to provide you with recognition for teaching experience gained. This is often referred to as "on-the-job" teaching experience. You´ll receive recognition for 10 hours of actual teaching completed as well as 10 hours of teaching observation. Your teaching experience can be in-class, online or tutoring.


What you´ll cover


The Teaching Practice Certificate (TP) is for those who:

  • Have completed an online TEFL/TESOL course and want recognition for teaching experience

  • Have been teaching for years and want recognition for prior teaching experience

  • Want to avail themselves of a wide variety of job opportunities

  • Want to earn a practical teaching certificate

  • Want to improve their resumes

  • *This short specialised course is aimed at inexperienced & experienced English teachers. This course is meant as an add-on to those teachers with experience and/or TEFL certification.


Need to know more?

  • What are the course requirements?

    You should have completed a TEFL course or have teaching experience. You´ll need to have a reliable internet connection. You should also have a good command of the English language.

  • How long is the course?

    This course is a short 20-hour course. You can work at your own pace. You have 180 days to complete the course. The course will expire after this period and can be extended (for 15 days) at a fee of €7.50.

  • What teaching experience is recognised?

    It is important to note that teaching experience may only be recognised in one of the following three areas (not all three): - In-class (at a public/private school, community centres, businesses, immigration centres...) - Online (for a company or privately) - Tutoring (private individuals, groups or classes)

  • How many teaching hours are required?

    There are two components to the Teaching Practice Certificate. You will need to complete: - 10 hours of actual teaching (in-class/online/tutoring) - 10 hours of teaching observation (observing actual live classes, online teaching videos such as YouTube etc...). *Either live class observation or online observation is acceptable. 

  • How do I complete the Teaching Observation component?

    Observations could include: - Observing more experienced teacher's/colleagues lesson (in-class) - Watching videos online (YouTube etc...) of teachers teaching in-class, online or tutoring - You may have watched videos whilst completing your initial TEFL qualification - so you can include this.

  • Does TEFL Solutions assist in arranging teaching experience?

    No, TEFL Solutions does not assist applicants in finding positions/students for the purpose of gaining teaching experience (actual or teaching observation). Applicants are responsible for arranging their own teaching experience. TEFL Solutions will only verify and recognise such experience.

  • How will my teaching hours be assessed?

    *Teaching Practice is not the same as observed teaching practice. Observed teaching practice is assessed by a teacher trainer during a face-to-face course - followed by constructive feedback.  As most online TEFL courses do not offer a practical teaching component, the scope of this course is to provide you with recognition for verified teaching experience gained (actual teaching & teaching observation). This is often referred to as "on-the-job" teaching experience. Your teaching is not assessed.

  • What is the process?

    Once you have completed 10 hours of actual teaching practice and 10 hours of teaching observation, you complete an application form and submit 2 supporting documents. The first document is proof (or a letter) confirming completion of 10 hours of actual teaching practice. The second document is a completed lesson plan that you used during your actual teaching practice. If the form and documents are deemed to be completed to a satisfactory standard, you´ll be issued with the Teaching Practice Certificate.


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